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These 50 dirt bike gift ideas will put a smile on any dirt bikers or motocross enthusiast's face.  Whether you are looking for gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, father's day or any special occasion, this gift guide is packed full of gifts for dirt bike riders that they will love..

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Dirt Bike Gift Ideas

Riding Boots

Dirt bike riders should have a good set of dirt bike boots when they go out trail riding; These are an excellent idea for one of your rider's Christmas gifts. With Metal toe guards, a leather heat shield, an air mesh interior, and a snap-lock adjustable buckle closure system, you can't go wrong with these boots.

Dirt Bike Ramp

A real dirt bike enthusiast has a ramp to help load and unload their precious cargo. This ramp has a 600lbs capacity and is easy to use with no installation required; it can also easily be stored due to its folding capability. This is a great gift idea for your avid dirt bike rider.

Fox Gear Bag

Dirt Bike Boots, helmets, gloves, shirts, pants, and chest protectors are a lot of dirt bike gear to drag around. With Large Boots and Helmet compartments, keep your dirt biker riders' equipment organized by keeping all of the essential dirt bike accessories and equipment together with this 100% polyester durable Fox gear bag. Add this to your holiday gift guide.

Hydration Pack

Being out in the elements all day can leave your dirt bikers a little thirsty; get some extra brownie points with this hydration pack. This Hydration backpack is compact and lightweight with an insulated 2L water bladder to keep water cold for 4 hours. A hydration pack is one of those ultimate dirt bike gifts that will keep your rider smiling on some hottest days.

Sun Joe SPX Pressure Washer

After a day of dirt bike riding and racing, your dirt bike riders' bikes will be caked with wet and dry mud; instead of their hand washing their bike, get them this Sun Joe SPX Pressure washer. This pressure washer is the best way to clean. It has two 0.9 L onboard detergent tanks; removable tanks carry and store different types of detergent to tackle the most brutal clean and challenging simultaneously.

GoPro HERO 11

GO PRO-An Action camera for your dirt biking enthusiast is perfect for this year's Christmas gift. The GoPro HERO 11 is the ideal gift, with a 5.3K video that gives you 91% more resolution. In addition, the HyperSmooth Stabilization has never been better; even the rockiest footage comes out smooth. Attach to your helmet for the perfect helmet cam.

GoPro Chest Mount

A Lightweight action camera chest mount is a good idea for a birthday present this year; this is an easy way for your favorite dirt bike riders to get the perfect shots. The action camera chest mount has adjustable straps and a Stable platform for capturing incredibly immersive hands-free footage with GoPro HERO cameras and Karma Gripmake.

Tie-down Straps 

One of the best dirt bike gifts you can get your avid rider is a good set of tie-down straps; with these straps, you can ensure your rider's bike will be secure in travel. In addition, this set has secure "S" hooks with a safety latch, a quick release for fast fastening, and bungee cords, and it is made of a quality material to withstand excessive motion.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

On the hottest days, your dirt bike riders deserve a cold drink, which means they need a great water bottle to keep their beverage cold all day. This hydro flask is a great birthday gift for them; the temp shield insulation keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.

Dirt Bike Blanket

After a long day racing and being on the trails, and motocross enthusiast would move to come home and cuddle up with this comfortable fleece blanket. This blanket is on the list of dirt bike gift ideas.

Dirt Bike 3D Night Light

The best gift is personalized; your dirt bike riders will love these 3D dirt bike lamps with a 16-color display and four color-changing modes for personal preference. This lamp is a great idea to make any dirt bike enthusiast smile.

Fox Flag

You don't have to get the most expensive gift for your family member or friend. However, a thoughtful gift can go a long way. Some motocross gift ideas are dirt bike accessories; grabbing one of these Fox racing banners is a great choice for any dirt bike lover.

Dirt Bike Keychain

Motocross gifts don't have to be significant. A small gift is a good gift as well. Every motocross or dirt bike enthusiast would appreciate a unique custom; the key tag is an inexpensive way to show your love for the sport.

Fuel Bottle 

It's always a good idea to carry extra gas for those long days of riding. An MSR fuel bottle is one of the best options to have gas for those emergency moments; the MSR fuel bottle is Child-resistant, with push-and-twist bottle caps that make it leak-proof. They are also made from a single piece of aluminum to prevent leaks.

Portable Grill

When you are out on the trails for a long time, your dirt bike riders will need a little nourishment; a portable grill is a good idea to have handy. The Coleman road trip portable stand-up grill is perfect for all outdoor occasions and is one of these Christmas gifts they will use for years to come.

Inner Tubes

Whether they are just out on the trail for the day or in a race, one of the most important things is that your dirt biker has an inner tube for any popped tires. These inner tubes are the perfect choice for your rider to use; they are good quality and come in a pack of 10 for the real dirt bike enthusiast.

T-Handle Set

Every dirt bike rider has a set of great tools to fix anything that might go wrong on a weekend ride, but what happens when they need something during one of those long rides? Dirt bike riders should have a compact tool kit to take along with them. The BikeMaster 1/4" Drive T-Handle Set fits in your fanny pack and is 6-1/2" overall length. It includes 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14mm, and a #2 Phillips socket, all of your standard tools for the race track.

Fox Sweater

The perfect dirt bike gift this year is a pullover fleece sweater from a well-known brand. This fox sweater would make the perfect gift for your motocross rider, with a soft interior to combine warmth, comfort, and style. The kangaroo pocket helps with extra storage and hand warms for those early morning rides.

Dirt Bike Stand

Kickstands are a thing of the past; a genuine dirt bike enthusiast will have a stand for their most price possession. The bikemaster easy-lift stand allows easy and controlled lifting for their dirt bike. It is made of solid steel with a durable anti-slip pad to help your rider's bike from falling.

Knee/Shin Guard

We all fall sometimes, and that means your riders, too, make sure they have the right protective gear this riding season. Knee and shin guards are a great addition to your rider's protective gear kit, These Fox Racing Knee/Shin Guard are the very best gift for that; it has Soft vented bio-foam chassis that keeps you cool and Elastic straps with hooks and loop adjustments for the most comfortable fit

Anti Theft Lock

Keep your rider's most-price possession safe with a Dirt bike anti-theft lock. This Anti-theft alarm is easy to use and is made of quality materials; it has a built-in sensor to detect movement and is suitable for outdoor climates. Just press the button and use the key to unlock the system

Birthday Kit

Is your kid passionate about dirt bikes and motocross, then why not through a party? The motocross party supplies are suitable for birthday parties, racing parties, sports parties, and dirt bike-themed festivals that would make a great gift. The package has 20 pieces: one happy birthday banner, one motocross cake topper, and 18 mini motocross cupcake toppers.

Dirt Bike T-Shirt

These lightweight classic fit graphic t-shirts are a clever way to make your rider smile with funny dirt bike puns. There are many different T-shirts to choose from. Take a look and pick one that is your personal choice.

Fox Chest Protector

Keep your riders safe with a good Chest protector; this Fox Motocross Roost Deflector is a great option and will get you some bonus points this year. With a ventilated main body shell that provides airflow while blocking debris, an elastic slide-buckle waist closure to keep the guard tight to the body, and adjustable shoulder and waist straps that allow for a customized, comfortable fit and the right size.

Dirt Bike Wall Art

This Motocross art set is a perfect dirt bike gift idea for that dirt bike enthusiast. The vintage motorcycle wall art print is 100% high-quality canvas and has a waterproof texture canvas; it comes in a Set of 4 (8X 10inch, 20X25cm) and would look fantastic in any room.


With a 4.6 star rating and over 7,000 reviews, these are the best dirt bike goggles to be bought on Amazon; for an additional cost, you can customize the pair of goggles to what best suits your climate. This has an extra long, elastic headband for males, females, youth, adults, and kids. In addition, the UTV goggles are anti-fog, scratch resistant, dustproof, windproof, and protect your eyes from UV rays, bringing your rider safety while riding.

Garage Creeper Seat

Dirt bikes are a lot of fun, but they are a lot of work as well, from having to do an oil change, changing a tire, or just a little bit of polishing for the big race; your dirt bike riders are going to love this rolling creeper seat that allows them to work on their bikes in comfort. This creeper seat even has a tool tray to keep their tools and equipment within quick reach

Dirt Bike Pants

Protective gear is as essential as the gas that fuels your dirt bike rider's favorite hobby. These HWK riding pants have removable knee and hip padded armor, including 1000D polyester Cardura stitched-on impact areas. These riding pants with a micro-mesh fabric, a waterproof membrane, and airflow pockets keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Great for every weather and season

Christmas Ornament

It's a great time to make a new tradition, get a personalized Dirt bike Christmas ornament for your dirt bike enthusiast this year, and add their name and the year. It is that special gift that will keep them smiling all season.

Dirt Bike Jersey 

Protective gear isn't just elbowed and knee pads they can be a long sleeve shirt as well, keep your rider scratch-free with the O'Neal TX motocross jersey. This is the best dirt bike jersey for a beginner and would make your rider smile this holiday season.

Dirt Bike Gloves

Good News is a new pair of dirt bike gloves for your rider doesn't have to break your bank account. Get your Dirt bike rider a good pair of gloves this season; these Fox Racing gloves have armored knuckles, padded palms, and superior flex-point comfort to remain the top choice for your dirt bikes. Get them that new pair of gloves this season.

Fox Flex Fit Hat

Keep your motocross riders looking good for their main event with this Fox racing Flex fit hat; with your choice of different styles for their personal preference in mind, your riders will look better than ever.

Dirt Bike Helmet

Dirt Bike helmets are essential to keep your riders safe. This O'Neal TX Sierra helmet has 4.5 stars with 1800 reviews; it has an integrated face shield and a padded chin strap with a double safety lock. The shell is constructed with ABS and has removable, washable air channeled comfort lining

Neck Brace 

Another perfect gift for your dirt bike riders would be a neck brace, which protects the rider as much as possible with the best options available. The EVS Sports R4 Race Collar is a great choice for your dirt bike enthusiast.

Dirt Bike Cleaning Set

Your dirt bike riders should have a good cleaning kit to help remove caked-on mud in all the nooks and crannies a bike can have. Unfortunately, there is a very good chance they will miss a few spots. Get this 8 Pieces Precision Bike Cleaning tool kit for the most challenging jobs.

Fox Racing Elbow Pads

Another piece of protective equipment to add to your dirt bike rider's gear kit is elbow pads; the fox brand is the most recognizable and best-selling brand of motocross appeal, ensuring your rider is in good with these Fox elbow, forearm, and triceps coverage.

Dirt Bike Toy

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a stocking stuffer? Have a bit of fun, your motocross riders will love this Yamaha dirt bike to display in their Duramax metal garage. It is the very best gift for a true Yamaha rider.

Tool Kit

Dirt bikes need much up keeps from a heavy riding season, but sometimes they need a minor fixing during a big race or a long trail ride; make sure your dirt bike riders have the right tools for the right job with this 118-piece tool kit made of high-quality chrome steel and is excellent for on the go trips with a compact storage case. This kit has some standard tools and the most valuable tools for machine repair.

Dirt Bike Stickers

Dirt bike graphics kits are great gifts for riders, but what if you buy the wrong one... This 50-piece pack of motocross stickers would make a great gift. Your rider can use these waterproof vinyl decals can be stuck anywhere, from decorating their favorite water bottle to maybe on a car or helmet.

Light Switch 

A good gift doesn't have to be big; these light switch covers would make a perfect stocking stuffer. They fit all standard single light switches and have a black wrinkle powder coat finish.

Gear Comb

There is no need to break the bank with expensive riding gear as long as it keeps your rider safe. This gear kit has a prominent essential gear comb for your beginner rider. As they improve, they can get the well-known brand equipment they want. This kit is of good quality and is made for a comfortable fit. Your gift recipient will be happy with this great choice. This comes in different brands for your choosing.

Wireless Hour Meter

It is essential for your dirt bike riders to know how many hours are on their engine; think of an hour meter like an odometer in a car. This item will help your riders understand when to service their dirt bike, making their most expensive possessions last a long time. A true dirt bike fan will have this on their list of gifts.

Bluetooth Speaker

Imagine your dirt bike rider is returning to base camp to grill up some delicious burgers for friends and family. Is something missing? A little music! Don't miss a beat with the Klein Tools Wireless Speaker, Portable Speaker with 10 hours of battery life.

Lawn Chair

Your dirt bike riders need somewhere to sit when they enjoy a delicious burger or are anxiously waiting for the next race; make sure they have somewhere to relax with this Coleman folding chair. These chairs come with a built-in cooler with side pockets, mesh cup holders, and adjustable arm heights. So come on up for a bit of seat time with your dirt bike buds.

Tear Off Lens

Something to add to a good gear combo is some tear-off goggle lenses. Ensure your motocross rider can see thru all the dirt, mud, and dust that gets on their goggles. Keep your rider's favorite brands in good condition; These tear-off lenses would make the perfect gift for that.

All Sport Rain Suit

This all sport rain suit is perfect gift idea for dirt bikers.  Whether it's rain or shine, this sport rain suit will keep them dry while riding. 

Handle Grips

It never hurts to have spare parts for your dirt bike. These Universal handlebar grips are an excellent purchase for dirt bikers' hobby. They are made of non-slip rubber that is durable and corrosion-resistant. Perfectly compatible and interchangeable with the original parts. They are designed to allow ease of repositioning hands grips with a tacky gel-like surface for a better grip that is perfect for motocross.

Kids Dirt Bike

Start Them young; if your partner loves dirt bikes, the kids will too. Try the McGrath motocross bike for their first motorcycle offroad vehicle. This electric dirt bike is for kids to get used to riding before purchasing the real thing.


There is nothing worse than getting the wrong brand your dirt bikers prefer; If you are not sure what to get your dirt bike enthusiast, you can't go wrong with a gift card. Your dirt bikers will love an Amazon or Visa gift card so they can choose the right product for their hobby.

Spark Plugs

Nothing worse than being stuck out on the trail without the right equipment. Some great ideas is to make sure your dirt bike riders have all the necessary equipment Dirt bikers are going to need extra spark plugs in their rucksacks; add this to their wish list.

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