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If you are looking for the best surfing gift ideas then look no further! We've spent much time scouring the internet researching unique gifts for surfers. 

Too busy to head down to your local surf shop? These 50 best surf gift ideas will save you a lot of time.


We are part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program so we do receive a small commission when you purchase through the affiliate links on this website. It has no additional cost to you and we really appreciate the support!



Alexa, add the Echo Dot of my shopping list.  The Echo Dot really does it all - music, timers, smart home, intercom, daily news, recipes, quick facts.  It has over 700,000 5 start reviews on Amazon and is the perfect gift for just about anyone. 


No one wants a damp wetsuit. This Ho! Stevie wetsuit hanger is a great gift idea. The hanger has been crafted especially for drying wetsuits twice as quickly. Regular hangers can damage a wetsuit over time and many cannot handle the weight of a wet wetsuit. This model is made of a highly durable polymer that will hold up the suit and is foldable into a compact design.


Surf wax always makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves surfing. They make perfect stocking stuffer gifts and will always get used. The Sticky Bumps Surf Wax is one of the most trusted brands by surfers around the world. This base coat comes in a 3-pack and makes a great budget-friendly gift idea at under $20 for the 3.


Any surfer knows you don't want to get sand and dirt in your wetsuit. This wetsuit-changing mat is exactly what they need. This changing mat is the perfect dry bag to seal towels and suits without leaks. It's ultra-light and compact so it's very portable. It comes with a small carrying bag and is one size fits all!


The Vebodi Surf Wax Tool is another perfect gift idea for surfers. This multi-use tool operates as a fin key, wax comb, wax scraper, bottle opener and keychain. It's made of high quality stainless steel and is extremely strong and compact. It removes wax really well and has excellent fin keys.


This Men's Splice UV Protection Rash Guard is a great gift idea for water sports like surfing, swimming, hiking, canoeing and boarding. It has a 4-way stretch fabric that helps to stabilize muscle with compression and prevent energy loss. Like many rash vests, it's well made for quick drying and durability so it will last a long time. Bonus- It comes in 6 unique designs!


An Earth Pak dry bag is one of the most useful gifts you can buy for your favourite surfer. These bags are easy to carry, extremely durable and provide 100% water protection. They come in 4 different sizes and 8 different colors so there is a variety of options to choose from. With over 20k reviews on Amazon and a 4.7-star rating, this waterproof bag is guaranteed to be a good idea.


Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan is one of the most recommended surf books in the surfing community. This book was the winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Autobiography and was included in President Obama's 2016 Summer Reading List. It details William's obsession with surfing as it goes from being a sport to a way of life.


We have to add the wetsuit repair kit to our list of useful gifts for surfers. This patch repair kit consists of high-quality waterproof patches with strong adhesion to the material to fix leaks. It's great for wetsuits, pool floats, pool tubs, waterproof bags, inflatables and more.


Any surfer needs to have a few wetsuits at their disposal. This shorty wetsuit is perfect for surfing as it provides UV protection and defences against things like sea lice, jellyfish and other biological materials surfers don't want irritating their skin. It has a heavy-duty zipper for quick changing and flatlock stitched seams that will keep out cold water.


We're not going to lie, the GoPro Hero 11 is the ultimate gift on our list of gift ideas for surfers. It's the best of the best for your favorite surfer. This GoPro Hero 11 shoots in the highest quality video at 5.3k (more resolution than 4k) and has such smooth stabilization that it's won an Emmy... No really! Any surfer would be thrilled to receive the gift guaranteeing them the smoothest, clearest and widest video shots out there today


We scoured the internet for the best watch out there for surfers and this is it... the Cadillac of surf watches The battery on this watch is extended through solar power, it has a rugged GPS that is made to U.S military standards for shock, thermal and water resistance. It has a compass, barometric altimeter and multiple GPS systems. If that's not enough, this watch tracks your activities accurately with all-day heart monitoring. Is there anything this watch can't do?


Let your special surfer hit the water in style and comfort with these Hodo board shorts. These adjustable shorts hit right above the knee and have a built in mesh liner for support. They are lightweight and breathable so they won't hold you down in the water and are fantastic for swimmers and surfers. Bonus - They come in 18 different colors!


Keep the water out and let the sound in, these Creatures of Leisure earplugs were made for surfing! The unique and cutting-edge design of these earplugs helps to prevent surf ears and swimmers' ears. They are made of silicone which provides a comfortable and secure fit.


Another ultimate gift for surfers is the Apple Watch Series 7. This watch has a swim-proof design, allows you to take an ECG at any time, tracks workouts can sync with your music, podcasts and lets you pay instantly with Apple Pay. It makes the perfect birthday gift or Christmas gifts for surfers.


These Ho Stevie! Surfboard Roof Rack Pads are a useful gift for Surfers. This set of 2 pads comes in two size options (28" or 17") so you can ensure they are the right size, although bigger is usually better. They allow your surfer friend to safely carry surfboards and SUP paddle boards efficiently. These racks won't fade in the sun and come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


Surfboard socks make unique gift ideas for surfers! They protect surfboards from damage while travelling and prevent yellowing from sunlight. The Ho Stevie! surfboard socks are an alternative to a surfboard bag and are made with a high-quality of woven fabric that stretches to fit any surfboard. The sock also prevents surfboard wax from getting all over your car! These surfboard socks come in 3 different colours and have a wide variety of sizes to choose from!


This paddle board deck bag is a great way to store your items while out on the water. The D-rings in this design sticks onto your stand-up paddle board while the adjustable straps secure it in place. It has easy access and plenty of storage space that's big enough to fit your sandals, water bottles, sunglasses and phone!


The Serene Life Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is one of our favorite gift ideas on this list! It has a wide design that helps with balance, even for beginners. The top deck is anti-slip with a soft cushion for falls- perfect for the beginner surfer! Bonus- This paddle board comes with an ankle cuff safety leash, patch repair kit and an upgraded aluminum paddle. It has everything they need to get out there and paddle!


The Ho Stevie! Surfboard Fins are a thoughtful gift that will help improve surf sessions. The thruster fins fit surfboards that use single tab fins or twin tab. They are suited for all different types of waves and are made with a reinforced polymer material that is durable and flexible. This kit comes with 3 surfboard fins, a wax comb, fin screws and fin key all in a convenient travel case.


It's no secret that surfers love bucket hats so it's one of your best options when shopping for a surfer. This bucket hat is made with mesh chin traps that protect your ears from the sun and a removable neck flap to protect your neck. It's a unisex gift idea that fits any size head. If you need another good reason to consider this gift for surfers- it floats. No more losing bucket hats to the wind!


Sometimes when you're out in public, finding the right place to change can be hard. Hiding behind a few bushes might seem like a good option but using something like a poncho-changing robe is an easy way to do it. This poncho is made for you to be able to move around easily and remove your wet clothes while changing into clean ones. It doubles as a changing towel that's perfect for drying off and comes with a convenient kangaroo storage pocket for easy storage.


A cool surf-inspired artwork on a vintage metal tin will make a perfect surf gift. This artwork sign is perfect to hang in the garage next to your surfboards.


Woah, stop scrolling! This isn't just any boring map. This rewritable scratch-off map is made exclusively for surfers! The surf map has over 300 spots that are perfect for surfing and will help your surfer friend find the best places to hit killer surf spots. This surf trip world map is filled full of unique art and is one of the most unique gifts you can give.


What's this cute little thing? This Kona surfboard fin is perfect for single longboard surfboards. It fits securely into the bottom of the board and features a bright floral design.


This ding repair kit is the best way to get dings out of your surfboard. It's perfect for all surfboard types and contains an epoxy kit that has everything a surfer needs to fix their board. It will be the only surfboard repair kit they ever need and use!


Turkish beach towels are some of the best surfing gifts you can give. They are always the right size, are quick drying and compact. These Turkish beach towels are of the highest quality that is super soft and easy to carry. With 24 color options, these towels can be personalized to match their surfboard or board shorts.


What time is it? Surfing time! This surfing wall clock is the perfect gift idea for surfers to hang in their garage or basement. It has a classic black silhouette design that matches any decor.


This VW bus piggy bank is a thoughtful gift idea that will put a smile on any surfer's face. This hippie bus bank features a surfboard on the top and is the perfect little bit of personalization that makes this gift so thoughtful. This piggy bank even comes in a gift box! It's the best gift idea for Christmas, a birthday or any special occasion.


These surfing stickers are a great budget-friendly gift idea that is also really thoughtful. They make the perfect present for young surfers and are great to use as a stocking stuffer idea. These are made with waterproof vinyl and are the easiest way to personalize water bottles, laptops, fin wallet, binders and much more!


Give a good laugh with a good gift! These funny socks make the perfect gift for surfers. They are one size fits most so there's no need to worry about getting the right size. They are perfect with sandals or flip-flops and are guaranteed to put a smile on your surfer friend's face.


This surfing t-shirt is a great idea to gift any surfer. It features a vintage unique surf wave design and is the perfect unisex gift for almost any occasion. These cotton tees go all the way up to a 5x size and are machine washable.


These surfboard beer bottle openers are the perfect gift idea for any surfer. This pack of two features two different designs and is magnetic so it conveniently hangs off any fridge. The metal sharp edge is made to easily open any beer bottle cap and it's the only way that your surfer will want to open their bottles again.


Dated pooka shells are a thing of the past! Treat your surfer friend or surfer boyfriend to a durable and stylish accessory that they will actually want to wear. This bracelet comes in 6 different models including gold, silver and genuine leather. This minimalistic accessory is perfect to suit the style of almost any surfer.


Any responsible surfer won't just wear any sunscreen. They want something that will protect them from the sun and protect the ocean. This Kokua lotion does exactly that! This reef safe 50 spf sunscreen will protect the skin for up to 80 minutes even in the water. It's one of the best-rated reef-safe sunscreens out there and because of this, it's a great gift idea for surfers.


These stylish polarized sunglasses provide great UV protection for your eyes and reduce glare off of the water. The sleek and minimalist design is perfect for both men and women.


This surfboard wall rack is the best way to store and display surfboards both inside and out! This wood display is perfect for longboards, surfboards, wakeboards and snowboards. This minimalist design is made from real wood and is easily installed on any wall. It's a useful gift that will help any surfer stay organized while displaying what they love.


These surfing air fresheners are a great budget-friendly gift idea that is also really thoughtful. They make the perfect present for any surfer and are great to use as a stocking stuffer gift. These air fresheners are a great way to personalize your car or garage and smell absolutely fantastic!


This surfboard leash comes in a variety of different colors and lengths from 6 feet to 12 feet. It's made of strong cordage with stainless steel swivels. The ankle cuff has an easy-to-use pull tab and comes with a hidden key pocket. It's durable, and safe and makes a great gift idea for surfers.


Why go with a boring gift card when you can get the perfect surfer gift box? This gift box comes with a warm one size fits all towel robe, a single surfboard wall rack, a wetsuit changing mat (that conveniently doubles as a waterproof bag) and some surf wax. It's the ultimate gift box that's made by surfers for surfers. How can you go wrong with that?


This Hawaiian-made fish hook necklace is hand carved from whalebone. It has significant meaning as is represents strength, abundance and a great respect for the sea. If you think it looks familiar, it's because this hand-carved necklace is also a replica inspired by the movie Moana.


This balance board is perfect for when the weather reports call for bad weather but surfers still want to practice. This gift is great for helping surfers with their balance so they have better performance on a board. It's also the perfect workout tool helping to strengthen the core and improve stability.


This surfboard traction pad fits all surfboards, longboards and skimboards and funboards. It has a strong 3M adhesive grip and is super lightweight.


This channel islands long sleeve shirt is a great idea to give as a gift. It's perfect to wear to surf camp! It's soft and minimalistic design is perfect for surfers.


This sticky bumps wax comb is a great tool for any surfer to receive as a gift. The straight edge of the tool is perfect for scraping off extra wax and the jagged side is perfect for creating textured traction. With a 4.7 star rating and a price tag under $30, this is a great gift idea for surfers.


These surfing bracelets are an accessory that your surfer friend will love. They come in a combination of different colors that can be personalized to match different surfboards.


Looking for a great gift idea for a young surfer or the child of a surfer? Hubi's Surf Atlas is filled with surf facts, local surf culture, oceanography, wildlife, and science. With over 200 facts, lots of maps and creative illustrations, this book is a great gift idea for kids.


A great gift idea for female surfers is a surf bikini. This Body Glove bikini has removable soft cups and features a strappy back detail. This black halter bikini top is perfect to wear on sunny surf days or under a wetsuit when the water temperature drops.

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