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Get ready to sprinkle some joy into the lives of your favorite RV campers with our handpicked collection of great RV gifts for the road-tripping soul. Whether you're shopping for your adventurous family member, a dedicated full-time RVer, or that friend who finds solace in the open road, we've got the perfect mix of unique gifts and awesome gifts they will love!


Don't settle for a gift card this holiday! Picture the smiles as they unwrap solar panels for endless power, compact first aid kits for peace of mind, and cozy camp chairs for those unforgettable moments by the fire. Our gift guide is like a treasure map, leading you to unique finds like sticker maps, solar-powered gadgets, and even inflatable kayaks for spontaneous adventures. We've considered every detail, from compact sizes for small spaces to the perfect solution for those who love the great outdoors.  So, dive into our list of the best gifts for RV campers and let the spirit of giving meet the spirit of RV living. Your thoughtful gesture is one of the best ways to add a touch of magic to their camping trips, making every journey even more unforgettable. Happy gifting the perfect RV gifts!


We are part of the Amazon Associate Program, so we receive a small commission when you purchase through the affiliate links on this website.  It has no additional cost to you, and we appreciate the support!

80 Best Gift Ideas For RV Campers and Owners

Outdoor Rocker Camping Chair

The GCI Outdoor Rocker Camping Chair is a great gift for RV campers who appreciate comfort on the road. This portable folding camp chair features a sturdy steel frame, padded armrests, and a convenient beverage holder. Perfect for relaxing at campsites, it folds flat for easy storage and transportation, making it a practical and fun gift for those who love to enjoy the great outdoors in style.

Portable Power Station

A portable and compact power solution, this station is a perfect practical gift for RV campers. With multiple output options, it charges devices, powers appliances, and includes emergency lights. Ideal for road trips and camping, it's lightweight and rechargeable, ensuring a reliable power source wherever they go. A great idea for those who value convenience and sustainability on their outdoor adventures

Portable Propane Fire Pit

The outdoor Portable Propane Fire Pit offers RV campers a no-mess campfire experience. Perfect for camping trips and outdoor gatherings, it's compact, easy to transport, and CSA approved for safe use during campfire bans. With adjustable flame height and a complete kit, including lava rocks, it's a fantastic gift idea for creating a cozy ambiance without the hassle of traditional firewood.

Wool Plaid Blanket

This warm wool blanket is perfect for your cabin, your vehicle or your home making it an ideal gift for RV campers. Available in different colors, these blankets are great for everyday, outdoor or emergency use.  

Stainless Steel Wine Tumblers

Elevate the RV camping experience with these double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel wine tumblers. Perfect for enjoying beverages on the go, these tumblers keep drinks cold for 9 hours or hot for over 3 hours. With a stylish design, durability, and eco-friendly features, they make for a unique and practical gift for RV enthusiasts who love a touch of luxury while exploring the open road.

RV State Sticker Travel Map

This weather-resistant United States Sticker Map is an excellent gift for RV travellers. Commemorate each stop with state stickers, creating a visual record of their journey. Beautifully illustrated and laminated for durability, it's a great conversation starter and a unique way for campers to showcase their adventures.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

The ANERIMST Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is more than just a speaker; it's a versatile outdoor accessory. With water resistance and long playtime, it's perfect for camping trips and outdoor activities. The LED flame adds ambiance, making it an ideal gift for RV campers who enjoy music, lighting, and a touch of style while exploring nature.

Camping Cheese Board and Knife Set

Add a touch of whimsy to RV adventures with this unique RV-shaped cheese board. Practical and stylish, it's perfect for serving cheeses and appetizers. The foldable design makes it convenient for RV living, and the eco-friendly bamboo construction ensures durability. This set makes for a great housewarming or holiday gift for camping enthusiasts.

 Folding Picnic Table

The Folding Picnic Table is a super-large space solution for RV campers. With cup holders and extra storage, it's versatile for picnics, camping, and outdoor gatherings. The heavy-duty construction ensures stability, and its easy assembly and cleaning make it a practical gift for those who love to enjoy meals and games outdoors.

Campers Home Coaster Set

Protect surfaces in style with these round RV truck coasters. Ideal for daily use, they prevent damage from condensation and spills. The set includes a coaster holder for organization, making it a thoughtful and practical gift for RV owners who appreciate attention to detail in their home away from home.

Hershey's S'mores Caddy

Make s'mores on the go a breeze with the Hershey's S'mores Caddy. Perfect for picnics, camping, and events, it keeps ingredients organized and accessible. The removable tray adds convenience, and the carrying handle ensures easy transportation. This caddy is a practical and fun gift for those who love the classic camping treat.

Nianjida Camping Rope Lights

Brighten up camping nights with these colorful and versatile LED rope lights. With a unique design including storage options, they offer both ambiance and functionality. Waterproof and durable, they serve as emergency cloth hanging ropes, making them an excellent gift for campers who appreciate multi-functional, reliable lighting.

Camping Oven Mitts

Elevate the RV kitchen with these stylish and practical oven mitts. With a non-slip grip and durable construction, they are perfect for cooking, baking, and grilling. The lanyard design adds convenience, making them a thoughtful gift for RV enthusiasts who enjoy cooking on the road.

Camper Ornament

Add a festive touch to RV campers' holiday celebrations with this charming Camper Christmas Ornament. The lights that light up create a warm and cheerful atmosphere. Made of resin and featuring a Christmas tree on the trailer hitch, it's a delightful gift that brings holiday spirit to the RV.

Airstream Journal 

The Airstream Journal Notebook is a perfect gift for RV travelers who want to document their adventures. With a lined format and date/place sections, it's ideal for recording memories and details. This notebook makes it easy to cherish and remember the unique experiences of Airstream journeys.

Wireless RV Leveling System

The Level Wizard Wireless RV Leveling System is a high-tech solution for leveling RVs. With smart LED indicators and automatic shut-off, it ensures precise leveling. Compatible with various types of RVs, it's a thoughtful gift for RV owners who value efficiency and accuracy in their leveling process.

Gifted Audible Membership

Give the gift of knowledge and entertainment with an "Audible Membership." Available in various durations, this membership allows recipients to access a vast library of audiobooks. Perfect for RV campers who are always on the road, this gift provides a convenient way to enjoy stories. Whether it's one month or a full year, an Audible Membership is a thoughtful and flexible present for those who appreciate the spoken word.

Where Should We Camp Next?

Where Should We Camp Next?" is the ultimate guide for outdoor enthusiasts, providing insights into over 300 breathtaking camping destinations. A perfect gift for campers and road trippers, this book offers valuable tips and recommendations for unforgettable experiences in the great outdoors, making it an essential companion for planning camping adventures.

Magnetic Pickup Tool

A practical and thoughtful gift for RV campers, the Magnetic Pickup Tool is designed for those who enjoy camping, offering a powerful grip to retrieve dropped items. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, it's a versatile tool for various activities like camping, fishing, and automotive repairs. The adjustable and hands-free design, coupled with super-bright LED lights, makes it an ideal addition to any camper's toolkit. This magnetic tool is a great companion for RV travelers, providing easy access in tight spaces during their outdoor adventures.

Tumbler Coffee Mug

The Tumbler Coffee Mug is a stylish and functional gift, perfect for RV campers who appreciate quality. Crafted from 18/8 stainless steel, it keeps drinks at the right temperature for extended periods. With spill-proof features and a unique design, this mug is suitable for any type of drink, making it an excellent companion during camping trips. These coffee mugs are versatile and durable. It's a gift that adds a touch of sophistication to the outdoor experience, making it an ideal present for those who love sipping beverages in the great outdoors.

Large Grill and Picnic Caddy 

Ideal for RV campers who love outdoor meals, the Large Grill and Picnic Caddy is a practical and organized solution. With multiple compartments and a premium oxford polyester construction, it's perfect for carrying grilling essentials, picnic tools, and camping supplies. The easy-carry design, detachable shoulder strap, and durable materials make it a convenient accessory for various outdoor activities. This caddy is a thoughtful gift that enhances the camping experience for those who appreciate well-organized and efficient outdoor setups.

Inside Camper, Camping Blanket

The Inside Camper, Camping Blanket is a warm and cozy gift, designed for RV campers who cherish comfort during their journeys. Made from premium flannel fleece, it's lightweight, breathable, and machine-washable. With its "Find joy in the journey" theme, this outdoor blanket is not just decorative but also practical, offering warmth during camping, RV trips, and other outdoor activities. Its generous size and easy care make it a perfect present for RV enthusiasts who value both style and functionality in their camper accessories.

Burlap Camper Rug Mat

Enhance the outdoor ambiance for RV campers with the Burlap Camper Rug Mat. Designed with durable burlap and a non-slip recycled rubber backing, it's weather and stain-resistant, perfect for outdoor use. The delicate printing adds a touch of style, making it an attractive addition to any campsite. This rug mat is easy to clean—just spray off with a hose—offering both practicality and aesthetic appeal for campers who appreciate a well-maintained and charming outdoor space.

Retractable Portable Clothesline

A practical camping item for RV enthusiasts, the Retractable Portable Clothesline combines functionality with portability. With 12 colorful clothespins, anti-skid clips, and strong clamping force, it's perfect for drying clothes during camping trips. The creative design allows for smooth movement, and its stretchy black rope can extend up to 10-12 feet.. so much space! Lightweight and easy to carry, this clothesline is a must-have for campers, offering easy and efficient clothes drying in various outdoor settings. An excellent gift for those who appreciate convenience and organization during their camping adventures.

Stackable Kitchen Accessories for RV

Maximize kitchen space in the RV with EH Stackable Kitchen Accessories, offering a clever solution for compact cooking setups. These 5-piece kitchen gadgets, available in different options, are small, durable, and perform well. Ideal for cooks who prioritize organized and clutter-free spaces, these stackable gadgets provide essential tools without taking up precious kitchen space. Whether it's the 5-piece set or the 7-piece set with various color options, these gadgets make cooking enjoyable in the confined spaces of an RV kitchen.

Welcome to Camp Quitcherbitchin

Welcome visitors to the RV campsite with the Wood Composite Sign, adding a touch of humor to the camping experience. Measuring 4" x 10", it reads, "Welcome to Camp Quitcherbitchen, a Certified Happy Camper Area." Made in the USA, this sign from My Word! features a fresh design and vibrant colors. A lighthearted and compact addition to any RV, it's an excellent gift for campers who appreciate unique and entertaining décor in their outdoor spaces.

Macally Cup Holder Tray

Make on-the-go dining more comfortable with the Macally Cup Holder Tray, an excellent addition to any RV. Perfect for enjoying meals while parked, this tray securely mounts onto cup holders (3"-4.1" wide) without scratching. With 360° swivel capabilities and a jointed arm, it provides unlimited adjustability. Featuring a 9" surface for meals and a padded smartphone stand, it adds practicality to the RV, keeping it organized and functional. An ideal gift for RV travelers who seek convenience during their journeys.

Motion Activated RV Step Lights

Illuminate the RV steps with Motion Activated RV Step Lights, providing both safety and convenience. The infrared induction motion detection ensures automatic lighting in the dark, enhancing visibility. With bright LED beads and easy installation, these lights are suitable for various outdoor places. The motion-activated feature conserves power, making them perfect for RV steps, cabinets, closets, and more. A thoughtful gift for RV owners who value safety and efficiency in their camper accessories.

Wine Chiller

Elevate the RV dining experience with the Wine Chiller, a unique and portable solution for wine lovers on the road. Crafted with a brushed metal refrigerated inner barrel and stainless steel casing, it accommodates standard-sized wine bottles. The touch screen temperature controls allow easy adjustment between 41℉-64℉, ensuring the perfect serving temperature. A sophisticated and practical gift, it comes in an exquisite box, making it an ideal choice for RV enthusiasts who enjoy a touch of elegance during their travels.

Picnic Table Cover

Protect and stylize your picnic area with the Picnic Bench Cover, designed for standard 72" x 28" tables. Made from durable vinyl with a flannel backing, it ensures a waterproof and wipe-clean surface. Available in different colors, the elasticized corners keep the cover securely fitted. Easy to clean and store, this cover adds a rustic charm to outdoor dining. An excellent gift for those who enjoy picnics and outdoor meals, it combines practicality with aesthetic appeal.


The Kindle Paperwhite, with its 6.8” display and adjustable warm light, is an original design perfect for RV campers. Its glare-free 300 ppi high quality display mimics real paper, ideal for immersive reading on historical events. With up to 10 weeks of battery life, it's a great way to explore thousands of books,.The waterproof feature ensures reading from the beach to the bath. Kindle Unlimited offers a monthly subscription for unlimited access to over 2 million titles, making it the right gift for with limited space like RV campers.

Gintan Camping Cutting Board

The Gintan Camping Cutting Board is a versatile and space-saving kitchen tool for both indoor and outdoor use. With 9-in-1 functionality, including replaceable blades and a collapsible sink design, it caters to various kitchen needs. Made of food-grade, high-quality PP + TPR material, it's durable, easy to clean, and free of BPA. Whether camping, hiking, or picnicking, this cutting board is a convenient and portable solution for food preparation. A practical gift for RV owners who value multi-functionality in their kitchen accessories.

RV Bidet

Enhance the RV bathroom experience with the RV Bidet, custom-made to fit most RV toilets. Easy to install and non-electric, it provides front and rear cleaning with adjustable water pressure. With self-cleaning dual nozzles and a reversible design, it ensures a refreshing and hygienic experience. This bidet saves on toilet paper usage and facilitates clean holding tank dumps, making it an essential accessory for RV travelers. A great gift for new RV owners looking to upgrade their bathroom amenities.

RV Hose Bag for Storage

Simplify RV storage with the DanDee RV Utility Bags, a 4-pack designed for organizing fresh water hoses, black water supplies, electrical cords, and accessories. With large sizing, waterproof material, and breathable mesh, these bags offer practical and efficient storage solutions. Whether it's a 100ft long water hose or electrical supplies, these bags ensure a clean and dry storage experience. An excellent gift for RV enthusiasts who value organization and tidiness in their outdoor adventures.

RV Themed Keychain

Celebrate the RV lifestyle with the King and Queen Keychains, engraved with "Queen of The Camper" and "King of The Camper." These keychains make for great gifts for couples, especially those who enjoy camping together. Suitable for various occasions like birthdays, Christmas, or retirement, they express a love for camper life. A charming and personalized gift for RV enthusiasts, these keychains add a touch of whimsy to their daily adventures.

RV Wind Chimes

Add a whimsical touch to the RV campsite with the Trailer Wind Chime, made from galvanized metal and featuring camper-themed text. Measuring 18 inches, it's perfect for decorating your campsite, trailer, or RV. With phrases like "Happy Camper" and "This is How We Roll," these wind chimes offer both visual appeal and a delightful sound. An excellent gift for RV owners who appreciate unique and charming outdoor décor.

Camping Adventures Towel Set

Elevate the RV kitchen and bathroom experience with the Camping Adventures Towel Set, featuring two chambray towels with delightful camping-inspired designs. The "Happy Camper" towel boasts a retro camper and chevron border, while the "I Heart Camping" towel showcases a forest and stream design with the saying "LIFE is GOOD in the WOODS." Measuring 18 inches by 28 inches, these 100% cotton towels are not only colorful and functional but also machine washable for easy care. A perfect gift for RV campers who appreciate both style and practicality in their outdoor spaces.

Happy Camper Night Light

Illuminate the RV interior with the Happy Camper Night Light, a vintage-style RV-shaped light that adds charm and coziness. With traditional colors and premium details, this battery-powered night light doubles as a decorative piece during the day. Perfect for gifting to friends, children, or any camper enthusiast, it provides a warm, gentle light that enhances security and comfort during dark evenings. Made from safe and durable PVC material, it's an ideal addition to RV room decor, creating a special ambiance both at home and on camping adventures.

Stainless Steel Camping Cups

Upgrade the camping beverage experience with the Stainless Steel Camping Cups, a set of four 16-ounce pint glasses featuring charming graphics of tents, fires, lanterns, and marshmallows. Made from high-quality, food-grade stainless steel, these dishwasher-safe cups are not only functional but also make excellent gifts for camping enthusiasts. Created by Damn Fine Goods and Magic Pine Outfitters, these cups are part of a collection of top-quality outdoor products designed for those who appreciate durable, eco-friendly items for their camping, hiking, or outdoor activities.

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

Maximize kitchen space in the RV with the Collapsible Dish Drying Rack, a practical and space-saving solution made from eco-friendly PP+TPR material. Featuring built-in storage for utensils and gadgets, this rack ensures efficient draining of dinnerware and glassware. Its collapsible design allows for easy storage under the sink or in cabinets, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With scratch-proof and easy-to-maintain properties, this dish drying rack is perfect for camping trips, RV living, and compact kitchen spaces.

Funny Dress Socks

Add a touch of humor and comfort to any RV enthusiast's wardrobe with the "I'd rather be camping" Funny Dress Socks. Made from quality materials, these socks express a love for camping in a lighthearted way. Ideal for everyday wear or as a fun gift, these socks are a perfect fit for those who appreciate both style and a good laugh. Let your feet do the talking and show off your passion for camping with these quirky and cozy socks.

National Parks Scratch Off Map

Inspire a sense of adventure with the National Parks Scratch Off Map, a unique poster that includes wildlife found across America's breathtaking national parks. Perfect for travelers and nature lovers, this map serves as the ultimate bucket list, encouraging exploration of natural wonders like Zion, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and more. An ideal gift for any occasion, this map allows recipients to track their travels, creating a special keepsake filled with customized graphics. Spark exciting conversations and inspire new adventures with this beautifully designed scratch-off map.

Magnetic Bottle Opener

Another one of the best RV gift ideas is this  Magnetic Bottle Opener, a unique RV-themed accessory that doubles as a refrigerator sticker. Perfect for camper and RV owners, this durable bottle opener features high-quality soft enamel colors, premium zinc alloy with nickel plating, and a soft magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces. The cute vintage camper design adds a touch of nostalgia to any RV kitchen or home, making it a fun gift idea that requires no storage space.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Revolutionize breakfast on the road with the Breakfast Sandwich Maker, a perfect gift for busy RV enthusiasts. In just 5 minutes and four easy steps, this appliance creates custom sandwiches, making it ideal for brunch or quick, healthy meals. Suitable for singles, couples, or those hosting guests, the dual sandwich maker is versatile and easy to clean with all removable parts being dishwasher-safe. Whether it's a birthday, Father’s Day, or any occasion, this breakfast maker brings convenience and creativity to RV kitchens.

Travel Trailer Camper Outdoor Sign

Personalize your RV campsite with the Travel Trailer Camper Outdoor Sign, a high-quality steel sign featuring weather-resistant powder-coated finishing. Made and shipped entirely in the USA, this customizable sign adds a touch of sophistication to any trailer or camper. Enhance your outdoor space with this precision-cut, durable sign that withstands the elements. Ideal for RV owners seeking a unique and lasting addition to their campsite, this sign showcases a commitment to quality and a love for the camper lifestyle.

Handheld Vacuum

Keep your RV spotless with the Handheld Vacuum, a multi-surface cleaning tool designed for carpets, car interiors, furniture, and high-traffic areas. Lightweight, portable, and featuring an ergonomic design, this vacuum ensures easy maneuverability, even in tight spaces. With a range of attachments and features like a rotating slim nozzle and pull-out crevice tool, it provides thorough cleaning for various surfaces. Perfect for on-the-go cleaning in RVs, this handheld vacuum adds convenience and efficiency to the maintenance of your living space.

 RV Step Covers

Enhance your RV experience with our quirky camper-themed step covers! Not only do they add a touch of fun with unique embroidery, but their practical ribbed texture traps dirt and ensures a soft, non-slip surface for bare feet. Easy Velcro installation makes them perfect for any weather. Gift a set to your RV-loving friends and family for a touch of uniqueness on their journeys!

Weatherproof Rooftop Cargo

Gear up for road trips with our weatherproof rooftop cargo carrier! Featuring welded seams, a secure zipper, and UV-protected mesh, it keeps your belongings safe and dry. Easy setup with straps or car clips, and it folds down for compact storage. Say goodbye to packing hassles and hello to stress-free travels!

Window Bird Feeder

The Window Bird Feeder makes for great RVC gifts! With a holiday-ready box, this feeder is a delightful outdoor present. Easy to install with six weatherproof suction cups, it offers an unobstructed view, making birdwatching a joy. Keep pesky squirrels at bay and enjoy the beauty of your favorite birds hassle-free!

Solar Power Lights & Phone Charger

Illuminate your camping experience with our Solar Power Tent Lights. Featuring versatile settings and run times, this device includes string lights and an area light with a cool white glow. The USB and solar-powered design ensures a reliable power source, with the added bonus of a phone charging port. Compact, PVC-free, and lead-free, it's the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.

Collapsible 60L Laundry Hamper

Make laundry a breeze on the road with our Kay&J Collapsible Laundry Hamper. Designed for RV living, it's spacious yet slim, fitting perfectly in compact spaces. The foldable and sturdy construction, along with reinforced long handles, adds convenience. An ideal gift for RV goers, this hamper is waterproof, preventing leaks, and comes with a drawstring cover for added cleanliness.

Camping Hammock

Elevate your outdoor relaxation with our Camping Hammock. Lightweight and compact, it's perfect for camping, hiking, or simply lounging in your backyard. With easy setup using tree-friendly straps, this hammock offers premium quality and durability. Gift this versatile hammock to the outdoor enthusiast in your life for a comfortable and cozy camping experience. There's no better way to relax than with this outdoor hammock, perfect for campervan owners. 

First Aid Kit

Prioritize safety on the road with our Compact First Aid Kit – the best RV gift for the holiday season. Packed with essential supplies for emergencies, this kit is a practical and thoughtful gesture for camper owners. Ideal for small spaces, it ensures timely care during road trips, camping, and other adventures. Gift your RVing friend or family member this unique and much-needed accessory, showcasing that safety comes first on their journey.

Fire Blanket

Add an extra layer of safety to your RV travels with our Fire Blanket – a unique and practical gift for the holiday season. Prepared Hero brings peace of mind with this lightweight and mess-free fire suppression blanket. It's a great addition to any RV, offering protection against different types of fires. Gift this reliable safety tool to your RV-loving friends or family members, ensuring they stay safe and secure during their adventures.

Inflatable Kayak

One of the best rv gifts you can give is the Inflatable Kayak – the best gift for RV campers who love exploring lakes and rivers. Super-strong and easy to transport, this kayak is a great option for those seeking fun and excitement. Gift the joy of paddling in different sizes of water bodies, providing your RV enthusiast with an awesome and unique way to make the most of their outdoor experiences.

Flat Tire Puncture Emergency Kit

Prepare for the unexpected on any road trip with our Flat Tire Puncture Emergency Kit – the practical and thoughtful gift every RV owner needs. Ideal for road trips, this complete kit includes an analog inflator, sealant, and all the accessories for quick and easy tire repair. Gift your RVing friends or family members the assurance that they can handle emergencies with ease, making it a great addition to their safety gear.


Looking for fun gifts for RV campers? Elevate outdoor fun with our Spikeball Outdoor Game Set – a competitive and entertaining gift for RV campers. Perfect for any surface, this game set is a fun way for friends and family to bond during RV trips. Gift this unique and exciting game for the holiday season, providing hours of laughter and joy. Spikeball is a fantastic addition to any RV adventure, offering a great way to stay active and entertained.

TOSY Flying Disc 

Take nighttime entertainment to the next level with our TOSY Flying Disc – a bright and engaging gift for RV campers. With super-bright LEDs and smart modes, this disc adds a new dimension to outdoor games.  Gift the thrill of playing in the dark, and let the fun continue with its rechargeable design. This great gift idea is small and portable, perfect for a small space like a camper.  It'll add ful to any camping trip and will be one of their favorite things to play outdoors.

Mattel Games 3 Card Games

Bring classic fun to your RV with our Mattel Games 3 Card Games in a Tin – a versatile and compact gift for holiday entertainment. Featuring UNO, Phase 10, and ONO 99, this exclusive tin offers a variety of games for all ages. Gift the joy of friendly competition during RV game nights, providing endless entertainment for families and friends. This tin of card games is a great way to create lasting memories on the road.

Instant Pot

Upgrade RV cooking with our Instant Pot – a versatile and time-saving gift for RV campers. With 7-in-1 functionality, this kitchen essential simplifies meal preparation on the road. Gift the convenience of quick one-touch cooking, perfect for RVers with limited space. Ideal for growing families, this Instant Pot is a fantastic addition to any mobile kitchen, ensuring delicious meals with ease.

IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle

Stay hydrated on your RV adventures with our IRON °FLASK Sports Water Bottle – a premium and practical gift for outdoor enthusiasts. This insulated bottle keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. These water bottles have three leak-proof lids, making it a perfect companion for various activities. Show your loved ones that their hydration matters with this high-quality and durable water bottle.

Fire Pit Bag

Enhance outdoor comfort with our Fire Pit Bag – a thoughtful and functional gift for RV campers. Specifically designed for 19-inch fire pits, this bag is compatible with Outland Firebowl models, adding convenience to storage and transport. Gift the ease of double-layer design for the open fire and inner/outer pockets for organized packing. Ideal for campouts and backyard parties

Easy Campfire Cooking

Discover the joy of outdoor cooking with the "Easy Campfire Cooking" book – an excellent gift for RV campers. Packed with inventive recipes for sticks, skewers, foil packets, pie irons, skillets, Dutch ovens, and grates, it turns any open flame into a culinary adventure. Pair it with the "Popcorn Pit Popper" for a novel popcorn-making experience – no electricity required. With a two-foot safety handle and the capacity to make 4 quarts of popcorn in minutes, it's perfect for campouts or backyard fun. Unleash your inner chef and elevate your camping experience with these delightful, practical gifts.

Popcorn Pit Popper

Elevate your camping experience with the "Popcorn Pit Popper" – a unique gift for RV campers. This innovative device takes outdoor popcorn-making to a whole new level, requiring no electricity. Crafted for safety, the cool tube handle extends to 2 feet, ensuring a safe distance from the fire. In just minutes, it produces 4 quarts of popcorn. Cleanup is a breeze with the quick-clip lid – simply wipe with a paper towel. Whether for campouts or backyard parties, enjoy the quality of Great Northern Popcorn. Treat yourself to an entertaining and delicious camping essential with this practical and fun gift.

Doorway RV Security

Enhance RV safety with the Doorway RV Security camera, compatible with Vision S displays. This intelligent, durable camera offers high resolution, infrared night vision, and motion detection. Its long-range signal strength suits various vehicle sizes, and easy installation makes it practical for RV owners. Gift this for a secure and stress-free road trip.

RV Camping Oven Mitt Set

Transform RV cooking with the Camping RV Oven Mitt Set. This four-piece set includes mitts, potholders, and towels, featuring charming camping-themed designs. The reliable, quality materials ensure durability, making them perfect for RV kitchens. Gift this set to add fun and functionality to an RV camper's kitchen space.

The RV Camping Bible

A comprehensive guide for RV enthusiasts, The RV Camping Bible is the perfect gift for road trippers. Covering everything from RV selection to campsite hacks, it's a valuable resource for full-time RVers. This all-in-one guide ensures campers never miss out on hidden gems, making it an excellent practical gift for the holiday season.

Camping Christmas Ornaments 

Spread holiday cheer with Camping Christmas Ornaments. These premium acrylic ornaments feature festive designs, making them ideal for RVers and camping enthusiasts. Packaged with care, they make great Christmas gifts, adding a touch of camping spirit to holiday decorations. A thoughtful and unique gift for the festive season.

RV Socks

"I'd Rather Be RVing" socks express the sentiments of RV enthusiasts. With a hidden humorous message, these socks fit most sizes comfortably. Offering superior quality and comfort, they make a fantastic gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion, bringing joy to RV lovers with a touch of humor.

Happy Camper Pajamas

Bring laughter to bedtime with Happy Camper Pajamas. These men's pajama pants feature humorous designs paired with comfortable cotton fabric. The elastic waistband ensures a perfect fit, and they're part of LazyOne's matching family pajama sets. Gift these fun pajamas for cozy nights and memorable family moments.

Blanket Hoodie

The Blanket Hoodie is a versatile and cozy gift for RV campers. Perfect for chilly evenings, it doubles as both a hoodie and a blanket. With an extra-large front pocket and a warm, reversible design, it's ideal for outdoor activities, making it an excellent gift for those who love comfort on the go.

Telescope with Smartphone Holder

For the adventurous RV camper, a Telescope with Smartphone Holder is a stellar gift. With 12× magnification and premium optics, it enhances outdoor viewing experiences. The cell phone holder allows for easy capture, making it  one of those perfect gift ideas for nature lovers, adding a new dimension to their RV travels.

National Geographic Complete National Parks of the United States

The National Geographic guide to US national parks is a treasure trove for RV travelers. Packed with detailed information on RV parks, maps, and stunning photos, it's the ultimate travel planner. Gift this comprehensive guide to elevate RV journeys, ensuring every national park visit is well-informed and the perfect place to be. 

Survival Kit

Equip RV campers for any adventure with the Survival Kit. This comprehensive set includes 21 survival tools, a first aid kit, and fishing tools. Packed in a compact, durable bag, it's suitable for various outdoor activities. Gift this kit to ensure safety and preparedness, making it an invaluable companion for RV journeys.  It's one of the best things you can gift to RV campers because they will have it for a long time and it doesn't take up much room in their limited space.

Multi-Tool Pen

The Multi-Tool Pen is a perfect stocking stuffer for RV enthusiasts. With nine practical functions, including a pen, screwdriver, and flashlight, it's a good idea to have on hand. Packaged as a unique gift for men, it's suitable for various occasions, adding a touch of functionality to everyday adventures.

Electric Blanket

Combat the chill during RV travels with the Electric Blanket. Featuring overheating protection and premium Sherpa fabric, it offers comfort and safety. Gift this cozy blanket to enhance winter road trips, providing warmth and relaxation during long drives or chilly nights under the stars. One electric blanket provides more heat than several outdoor blankets and is one of the great rv gift ideas they will use and love.

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