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Welcome to our ultimate guide for the best gift ideas for skateboarders! Whether you're shopping for a passionate skateboarder or a young kid just starting out, we've put together a selection of cool gifts that cater to every skill level and every budget. From the latest skate shoes to high-quality protective gear, we've got you covered.


Consider grabbing a pair of top-notch skate shoes, essential for any skater's performance. A new deck or skateboard deck from popular brands like Santa Cruz can make a huge difference in their skate sessions. And don't forget about the small but crucial items like grip tape, skate wax, and quality bearings like Bones Reds.


For those who love capturing their skate adventures, a GoPro Hero can be the perfect choice. It's a great way to document their skills and progress, whether they're a beginner skateboarder or a seasoned pro. For a more personal touch, check out original designs like paint pens for customizing decks or a wall rack for displaying their favorite boards. And let's not forget about practical gifts like skateboard backpacks, phone cases, and even water bottles for those intense skate sessions at the skate park.


No matter the occasion, be it a birthday present or a holiday gift, our list of great gift ideas is sure to make any skateboarder's day. Plus, with free shipping, you'll get great value for these quality products.


So, whether you're shopping for an experienced skater, a skater girl, or even downhill skateboarders, we've got the perfect choice waiting for you. 


We are part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, so we receive a small commission when you purchase through the affiliate links on this website. It has no additional cost to you, and we appreciate the support!

47 Best Gift Ideas For Skateboarders in 2024

Beginner Skateboard

 Perfect for novices, this complete skateboard offers stability and durability with its 7-layer Canadian maple wood deck and reinforced aluminum alloy trucks. It supports up to 220 pounds and ensures a smooth ride with anti-shock wheels. It's a good idea to give one of these beginner skateboard to kids or teenagers who are learning the ins and outs for riding a skateboard.  This new board also comes in a few different colors and patterns that they will love. 


A legendary choice for both beginners and experienced skaters, this Santa Cruz skateboard features a 7-ply maple wood deck and high-quality trucks for a stable and controlled ride. Santa Cruz is a favorite brand by many skateboarders and is usually found at the local skate shop. A Santa Cruz skateboard is a great gift idea this holiday season and is a present they will use and love. 

Skate Shoes

One of the best gifts you can give to your favorite skateboarder is a new pair of skate shoes.  Any skateboarder knows how quickly skateboard shoes can get skuffed up at the skate park and they will love getting a brand new pair. Crafted from 100% genuine leather, these shoes offer durability and style for skateboarders. The rubber sole provides excellent grip, making them ideal for skateboarding. The DC Skate Shoes is also a staple shoe found at the local shop. 

Vans Skateboard Backpack

Vans is a very popular brand in the skateboard community.  Their products are known for being high quality, durable and in stylle. This vans skateboard backpack, designed with skateboarders in mind, ensures the safety of your laptop with a padded compartment. It also features ample organization, anti-odor technology, and comfortable straps.  This comes in a couple different colors and is a great gift idea for your favorite skater. 

GoPro Hero

The GoPro Hero is the perfect gift for skateboarders who love to take action videos for social media.  The HERO12 Black captures vivid 5.3K/4K videos and photos with HDR, providing exceptional image quality. Its HyperSmooth 6.0 Stabilization ensures remarkably steady footage, even in challenging conditions.  It's definitely not a cheap gift for tight budgets but is one of the best skateboard gifts on our list.

Skate Wax

This custom-designed skate wax outperforms competitors, promising unmatched results on rails, curbs, and various surfaces. Its portable design makes it convenient for on-the-go skating sessions. Each SuperSlip skate wax pack comes in one of 8 flavors, each with its own delightful mystery scent. Choose from OG Red, Blue, Green, Orange, and more. This skate wax makes a great stocking stuffer if you are shopping for holiday gifts. 

Skateboard Rack

This five-layer skateboard storage rack holds up to five boards with additional storage on top. Crafted from 100% solid Oak wood, this rack is meticulously polished to ensure it won't scratch your skateboard. It's suitable for any skateboard decks, penny boards, longboards and mini cruiser skateboards. The included assembly instructions make setup a breeze in just 5 minutes, with all mounting hardware provided and no need for drilling holes. 

Skate Ramp

This skate ramp is a great gift idea for any skateboarder or scooter who loves practicing tricks outside of the skatepark.

All in One Skate Tool

This versatile tool is a must-have for skateboarders, allowing easy adjustments for axle nuts, mounting hardware, and the kingpin nut. Its compact and lightweight design ensures easy on-the-go access.  It's a good gift for any skateboarder that does their own maintenance on their boards or who is always customizing their decks with new accessories. 

Grip Tape

Made for ultimate control and stability, this grip tape offers lasting durability for skateboards. Its super adhesive formula ensures a bubble-free application, making it a valuable addition to any skater's gear.  This is a practical gift idea for skateboarders and is something they will use often. 

RipStik Caster Board

A great gift idea for skateboarders who love smooth riding and twisting is the RipStick Caster Board. The 360-degree inclined caster wheels and torsion bar allow for a different style of twisting and carving that can only be likened to the flow found in surfing and snowboarding.   It's available in four different deck colors and promises a fun skate session. 

Skateboard Display Hanger 

This skateboard hanger is a number one best seller on Amazon and makes a great gift idea for any skateboarder who loves to display new or old boards. Hhanging decks can seem like a daunting task if you don't have the proper hardware.  This hanger is an easy way to hang different types of boards without the frustration.  It's a low price gift item that serious skaters with multiple decks will love. 

Learner Skateboard

A great gift idea for smaller children that are just learning to skateboard is the learning skateboard. This skateboard promotes motor skills, balance, coordination, and core strength, which are crucial for a child’s overall physical development. Learning to ride a skateboard is not only physically beneficial, but it also builds self-confidence in young kids.  It's a perfect way for small children to start learning.

Bones Reds Bearings

New bearings make a great gift for any skateboarder. Bones Reds Bearings are a trusted brand and the most popular skateboard bearings on the market.  The single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction.  It's high speed nylon ball retainer makes for greater strength and speed.  

Skatepark Set With Grind Rail

This skatepark ramp and rail set haas a sleek black design for a fun and versatile addition to your extreme sports setup.  It includes 3 kicker ramps for air, a table top that's perfect for manuals and a square rail made to practice grins.  The ramp works well with skateboards, bikes, inline skates and scooters. 

Tech Deck Fingerboards

Almost all passionate skateboarders have a tech deck collection.  This tech deck set features 8 fully assembled finger boards that is perfect for any Christmas gift for skateboarders or birthday gift for skateboarders.  This gift idea is a cheaper alternative to buying a fully assembled skateboard.  You also don't need to worry about getting the wrong size board as these Tech Deck boards are one size fits all.

Tech Deck Skatepark

Unlike other tech deck parks, this 30-inch wide skatepark folds back into a toy storage with a handle, perfect to take anywhere with you.  The park can be customized how the rider prefers with ramps, rails, stairs, picnic table and more.  It's the perfect addition to any Tech Deck collection and a great gift for skateboarders. 

LED Skateboard Lights

These LED lights are such a fun idea for skateboarders who love to cruise at nighht!  The LED lights easily attach to the bottom of the board using industrial grade adhesive and provide a bright and fun right.  These lights are a great idea for the skate park and are a budget friendly gift idea that is way more personal than boring old gift cards. 

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof, dust proof and wonderfully portable, the JBL Flip 6 is a great gift idea for any skateboarder.  These speakers provide 12 hours of playtime on a single charge and have excellent sound quality. JBL is known for durable and reliable quality speakers.  This is a great gift idea that skateboarders can use to play their own tunes at the skatepark. 

Skater Trainers

Another great accessory to buy as a gift for skateboarders are the skate trainers.  The trainers stretch over your wheels and stop them from moving so you can focus on the trick movement without worrying about falling. This mean the skater falls less and has less serious injuries, allowing them to gain the confidence required to do the trick successfully.  These are a great gift that you can find at any sports store or through Amazon. 

LEGO Skate Park

The LEGO City Skate Park is a great gift idea for smaller kids and young children who enjoy skateboarding or scooting at the skatepark. This set has all kids need to make a pop-up toy skate park, including a LEGO Road Plate, barriers, flags, ramps, a seesaw, plus a truck and BMX rider, wheelchair athlete and skater mini-figures.

Beats Studio 3 Headphones

These high-performance wireless noise cancelling headphones are another one of the best gifts you can give any skateboarder.  The battery life on these are incredible with up to 22 hours of playback on one charge.  They have noice cancelling capabilities to block external noise at the skatepark allowing any serious skaters to focus on their own tricks. 

Volcom Hat

The Volcom hat is available in a number of different colors and styles.  It has a 6 panel adjustable snapback closure which means it's one size fits all.

Cuffed Beanie

The Carhartt cuffed beanie is a great gift idea to keep skaters ears warm when they are out whiping around at the skate park.  Carhartt is known for their high quality durable clothing and this cuffed beanie is no different.  With so many different colors available to chose from, it's the perfect personalized gift for your favorite skateboarder.

Skate Helmet

The Retrospec skateboard helmet offers premium protection with its hard ABS shell and high-quality EPS foam, ensuring safety while skateboarding, biking, roller skating, or scootering. It features 10 ventilation ports and Dewcollector padding for a cool, sweat-free ride. The helmet comes with interchangeable pads and adjustable straps, allowing for a customized and secure fit, crucial for maximum safety. With a variety of vibrant matte colors to choose from, riders can express their individuality. 

Long Board

Designed for cruising and carving, these boards boast a sleek, clear sand grit finish for both aesthetics and traction. The unique Stinger shape, featuring perimeter stingers, amplifies your carving potential. Fitted with high-quality 70mm Shore 78A wheels, this longboard guarantees a smooth ride on diverse terrains. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned skater, it caters to all skill levels. Perfect for parks to beaches and even land SUP paddling, it redefines skating enjoyment with every glide.

Funny Socks

Crafted with a blend of 80% cotton, 15% polyester, and 5% spandex, these unisex socks guarantee comfort and durability. One size fits all, making them a versatile choice for both men and women. With their vibrant designs, they're sure to turn heads and bring smiles. These socks offer light compression and are washer and dryer friendly for easy maintenance. Whether you're off to school or lounging at home, they add a playful touch to your outfit. Their premium materials ensure breathability and longevity. 

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is not just any old video game... it's THE video game for any skateboarder. This game lets the player take onrole of the iconic Tony Hawk and an array of new pros, showcasing their unique style. Any professional player can master insane trick combos with the classic handling that defined the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series. Engage in all the original game modes and challenge friends in local 2-player matchups. 

Chino Cargo Pants

These micro-elastic, breathable twill pants are an excellent gift for skateboarders. Crafted from 94% cotton and 6% elastane, they offer comfort and flexibility for active lifestyles. With reinforced pockets and an adjustable drawstring, they're perfect for both sports and daily wear. The stylish leather label design adds a touch of fashion to their functionality. Available in various sizes and resistant to shrinkage, these pants are a durable and thoughtful choice for skateboarders. Elevate their wardrobe with this versatile, high-quality gift.

Protective Pads

Give the gift of safety with these durable knee pads, made from soft EVA padded material and tough plastic plates. A popular choice for various activities, including skateboarding, they come with multiple adjustable elastic straps to fit different knee sizes comfortably. These pads are suitable not only for skateboarding but also for inline skating, biking, scootering, and other extreme sports. Help your skateboarder ride with confidence and protection. These knee pads are a practical and thoughtful gift choice for any enthusiast.

Electric Skateboard

The MEEPO V5 boasts a smartly designed handle deck making it easy to carry. Its 8 layers of Canadian maple lend flexibility and durability. With powerful 500W*2 hub motors, it reaches a top speed of 29 mph and covers 11 miles, catering to various scenarios like commuting or leisure rides. The new ESC's M5 remote system ensures smooth braking, offering four modes, including a user-friendly LO mode. Enjoy worry-free fun with its quick 1.5A charging, taking just 2.8 hours for a full charge. 

Shoe Goo

This shoe repair and protective coating is a game-changer for skateboarders. Shoe goo provides a permanent repair for leather, vinyl, rubber, or canvas. It forms an excellent sealant, ideal for patching small holes, and it's waterproof, ensuring a secure bond even when exposed to water. Plus, it enhances traction, making it versatile enough for use on skateboards. Elevate your skate shoe game with this essential product. Your shoes will thank you!

Nike SB Shoes

For skateboarders, Nike SB is the gold standard. Crafted with a suede sole, these shoes combine durability and breathability with a comfortable foam cushioning that supports every step. The vulcanized construction seamlessly melds the sole to the upper, providing a flexible and responsive feel. What's more, an extended toe bumper enhances durability, ensuring these kicks are ready to handle intense sessions. The rubber sole offers top-notch traction, making these shoes a reliable choice for skaters of all levels. Elevate your skate game with the trusted quality and performance of Nike SB.

Parking Block

The portable parking space turns skateboard gear into an art piece, keeping it safe and stylish. This essential organizer seamlessly integrates into your skateboarding accessories, decluttering spaces and showcasing your passion. It's a perfect, thoughtful gift for skateboarders, adding a distinctive touch to their collection. Enjoy hassle-free setup with no assembly required. This user-friendly skateboard mount ensures your boards are securely displayed. Crafted for durability, it comfortably holds your gear, making it a great gift idea for skateboarders.

OtterBox Phone Case

Skateboarders are always dropping theirs phones when trying to do new tricks. Gift their iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro extra protection with the OtterBox phone case. Featuring lasting antimicrobial technology, it guards against common bacteria on the case exterior. The one-piece design allows for easy installation and removal, while the slim profile fits seamlessly in pockets. The case's dual layers, combining soft inner and tough outer materials, absorb and deflect impacts. Plus, it comes with OtterBox's limited lifetime warranty.

Paint Pens

These paint pens are perfect for artistic skaters to create their own, or update their current boards. These upgraded markers feature cotton nibs for swift and direct use, drying faster than ordinary acrylic pens. With 24 vibrant colors, they're perfect for scrapbooks, bullet journals, cards, and DIY crafts. They work smoothly on diverse surfaces like paper, metal, wood, fabric, and more. These odorless, acid-free markers are a thoughtful present for anyone who loves creative expression, making holidays and special occasions more colorful.

Skateboard Wheels

The shark wheels are the perfect upgrade skaters! The unique wave pattern deflects debris and obstacles, ensuring a smooth ride on any surface, from rocky roads to ramps. These wheels boast reduced friction, increased longevity, and abrasion resistance, enhancing your overall skateboarding performance. Crafted with quality and functionality in mind, Shark Wheels are built to last. Elevate their skate sessions and conquer rough terrain with confidence, thanks to these top-notch wheels.

Skateboard Stickers

This 100 pack of popular branded stickers is the perfect gift for skaters. Made from high-quality vinyl PVC, these stickers are waterproof and durable, ensuring they'll stick around for the long haul, and for a skateboard. Applying them is a breeze, as each sticker is precisely cut for easy use. They're perfect for adding a personal touch to laptops, water bottles, scrapbooks, and more. This set makes a fantastic gift for skaters who love their skate brands.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Upgrade their hydration game with this Hydro Flask.  Crafted from 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel, it's extremely durable and can withstand as many times as your skater friend will drop it. Thanks to TempShield insulation, beverages stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. The Color Last powder coat is dishwasher safe, ensuring a slip-free, vibrant bottle.

Santa Cruz Wind Breaker

Gift this Santa Cruz Classic Dot Hooded Windbreaker Jacket to your favorite skateboarder. Imported and made with a woven fabric and available in different sizes, it combines style and function. The zippered closure provides convenience, while the front chest and large back skateboard graphic pay homage to the skateboarding legacy. Embodying Santa Cruz's innovative skateboards and artwork since 1973, this windbreaker is a classic piece for any skate enthusiast. 

Nixon Watch

Imported and designed for simplicity, this Nixon watch features a sleek gold-tone dial, case, and adjustable band. The Japanese quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping, complemented by a minimalist 3-hand design. The watch's fives are marked for easy reading, and branding is elegantly placed at the 3 position. With a single crown design, this watch exudes understated sophistication. Measuring at 9.5 inches in length and with case dimensions of 0.75 inches by 1.5 inches, it offers a comfortable and stylish fit for any occasion. This Nixon timepiece is a blend of form and function, making it a timeless accessory.

VANS Hoodie

The VANS Classic Hoodie is a versatile and comfortable wardrobe staple in skate culture. Made from 100% cotton, it offers a cozy feel. This unisex, black, long-sleeved sweater features the iconic VANS logo. Designed for easy wear, it's an essential piece for casual, everyday style. Whether you're heading out or staying in, this classic hoodie is perfect for any occasion and your favorite skateboarder will love it. 

Skateboard Necklace

This Stainless Steel Skateboard Pendant Necklace is the perfect gift for any skateboarder. Crafted with precision, it's not only a stylish accessory but also a statement piece for those passionate about skateboarding. The high-quality materials and rhinestones ensure it stands out with brilliant shine. It's versatile for various occasions, making it a thoughtful present. Just a gentle reminder to keep it dry for long-lasting wear. Shipped with care through Amazon, it's ready to be gifted to a skateboard enthusiast. Elevate their style with this exquisite pendant necklace. 

Wax Lips

Wack-O-Wax Lips in cherry flavor are a timeless treat for playtime fun and later chewing enjoyment. This box contains 24 cherry-red Wack-O-Wax Lips, perfect for parties, holidays, Halloween, or simply goofing off with friends. Notably, these lips are Kosher, Peanut-Free, and Gluten-Free, catering to various dietary preferences. They're a delightful and entertaining addition to any occasion and a great christmas gift idea for skateboarders.

Skateboard Shoulder Strap

The Skateboard Carrying Strap is a versatile accessory designed to accommodate standard and long skateboards of all kinds. Its lightweight and portable nature allows for easy storage, fitting snugly into a coat pocket when rolled up. Additionally, it offers the option to hang your board on a wall. With adjustable board and shoulder straps, it ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Please note that the skateboards and clothing pictured are not included. This strap is a practical birthday gift idea for skateboarders.

Flybar Pogo Trick Ball

The Flybar Pogo Ball is an exhilarating fusion of a balance board, pogo stick, and jump ball, promising boundless fun for kids aged 6 and up. It comes in 5 vibrant colors, with heavy-duty grip tape for optimal traction and includes a pump for easy inflation. Designed to endure even the most energetic play, it's tested to support weights up to 160 lbs. This engaging toy encourages an active lifestyle, helping burn calories and enhancing gross motor skills. 

Tony Hawk Funko Pop!

Tony Hawk fans, rejoice! The legendary skater joins the Funko Pop! lineup, capturing his iconic look with trademark blonde hair and trusty skateboard. Complete your sports collection with this rad addition! 

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